Don’t Let Critters Take Over Your Grand Island Property!

Take the first step towards a wildlife-free property with quotes from trusted wildlife control experts in Grand Island, Nebraska. Our partners specialize in removing all types of animals — bats, rats, birds, moles, snakes, raccoons, squirrels and more! 

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When left uncontrolled, wildlife can cause extensive damage to your property, including chewing through electrical wires, damaging insulation, and creating nests in hard-to-reach areas. Additionally, some animals can carry diseases or parasites that pose health risks to you and your family.

Wildlife removal professionals have the expertise and experience needed to effectively and humanely remove wildlife from your property. They will assess the situation, identify entry points, and implement appropriate measures to prevent future intrusions.

What Does Our Critter Control Network Offer? 

Humane Trapping

Our Grand Island wildlife control experts utilize live traps to capture animals in a compassionate manner, ensuring their safety while protecting your home and your family from potential harm.

Attic Insulation

Wildlife infestations in attics can cause significant damage, including chewing through wires, staining ceilings, and destroying insulation. Our Grand Island critter control team specializes in attic insulation, providing a comprehensive solution to keep critters out and restore the integrity of your attic.  

Wildlife Exclusion

Prevent wildlife from taking over your home or business by sealing off entry points with humane exclusion methods. Our Grand Island wildlife control experts will identify and seal potential entry points on your property, ensuring a secure space. 

Wildlife Damage Repair

Our experts offer wildlife damage repair services to fix chewed wires, gnawed wood, and damaged ductwork caused by intrusions, preventing further infestations and restoring your property in

Grand Island,


Wildlife Relocation

Our professional wildlife relocators  specialize in the safe and ethical removal and relocation of wild animals from properties to more suitable habitats. Their primary role is to mitigate conflicts between humans and wildlife by providing humane solutions to remove animals that have become a nuisance or pose a threat.

Dead Animal Removal

An animal passing away in the walls, attics, or backyard often requires the assistance of experienced wildlife removal professionals. Without professional help, you could face foul odor, health hazards, pest infestations and more issues down the road. 

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